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1 Free Domain Name

1 free domain name for the life of your hosting plan. Most companies offer a free domain for one year. We give you one for as long as you pay for your hosting plan. (see conditions)

Unlimited Storage

We provide unlimited disk space for your web site. How we can give you generous amount of disk space, is easily explained. (see conditions)

Unlimited Bandwidth

We have no set limits when it comes to bandwidth — which is the amount of traffic and data that flows between your website and the rest of the internet. (see conditions)

Free Design Assist

Need help with Web Presence Builder? Just call us and we'll do some of the design work for you
(see details)

Unlimited Email Accounts

Create and manage as many email addresses as you’d like with unlimited POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts, plus unlimited auto-responders and more!

Free SEO Marketing

We make sure your website has proper page descriptions and keywords and we submit a site map of your website to Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing every week (see details)

Create your own website in seconds

Web Presence Builder helps you create a ready-to-publish websites in record time with no web design background required. It is designed specifically for SMBs, and represents a low cost, feature-rich, web presence solution.

With Web Presence Builder, you can instantly add all sorts of sophisticated features to a website without doing any coding or scripting – or having any knowledge of HTML. ( See the full list of features )

Mobile device optimized

Your site is optimized for mobile devices, automatically adapting to phone and tablet displays.

Easy-to-use design tools

Easily customize site layouts, colors, sidebars, backgrounds, fonts, borders and images.

Social media integrated

Share information from the site on various social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Available in 12 languages

Templates in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, or Chinese.

Simple drag-and-drop interface

Choose the modules that offer the preferred capabilities and drag and drop them into a site.

Activity monitoring

Real-time traffic stats and analytics, to keep a close eye on your data patterns and website traffic.